Friday, October 15, 2010

CD release concert, now putting a different hat on :)

My CD release concert last Sunday went very well, everything worked as it should (well, alllllmmmmosst).   I had one little glitch in a "pedal" piece; I was creating a pedal without a foot pedal sustaining my sounds, which I cut off by my bowing motion sensor.  At one instance the motion sensor failed to track it, so I couldn't turn it off at a first try, so I had to repeat a note.   A friend in the audience said that it was almost better to show that sometimes it fails :)  Here I am doing some demo during the concert, waving my right hand with the bowing motion sensor, IRCAM's Augmented Violin system inside.

But all in all I am quite satisfied with the result of my new pieces, and I have a good ground to develop my works further.  I created three short pieces at IRCAM, sort of in preparation for my new duo work with cellist Joel Krosnick, the cellist of the Juilliard String Quartet.

At the moment, what am I doing?   I am studying Just Intonation, since now I will be wearing a different 'hat', an "interpreter" hat, performing next month in Germany with Hamburg Symphony as a soloist, for John Adams' "The Dharma at the Big Sur" (2003).  I'm studying the solo part, and trying to get my ears into Just Intonation mode.  It is quite ideosincratic I think, if it is done right....  Anyway I like learning something that I haven't heard nor can create on my own, getting into the head-space of someone else's creative mind.   It is thrilling.

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