Wednesday, July 7, 2010

M2D2: grinding...working... getting hot...

M2D2 means "Month 2, Day 2" since when I miss my posting I don't think I can count :)

Can't believe the unbelievable: today I stayed inside ALL DAY in Paris working... not even going out. Now why do I feel like being insulting to the city... it needs to be looked at. I tested a few things and made some useful musical examples using IRCAM's stuff. When you are in a grocery store, you can go in there with a clear idea what your menu is going to be and shop for the ingredients, or, you can go in there with an idea but if you see something really nice like a fresh fish or something, you can toss the original idea and shop for the entire menu based on the fish. I approach interactive computer music composition like this. Does this make sense?

In fact two days ago I fell rather violently ill with fever and vomiting but went away in one day. It was the day my husband left back to the US so it might have been the shock and sadness :(

I did go for shopping yesterday, found and got something I loved and missed, Savora mustard! I first had it at the home of Jean-Claude Risset in Marseille. I put this in everything now. I found a similar thing at the Zabars but it isn't the same....

I have been seeing the horrific NYC temperature in the news, and feeling sorry for husband who is heading there tonight. Then I see the temps here in Paris this weekend and it promises to be bad. And, we don't have air conditioning here.

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