Saturday, May 14, 2011

Longest hiatus, back with a bang :)

So I didn't post for two long month--I wrote sometime ago that I was alone in Paris last summer while being an resident at IRCAM, when I had all the time to myself, thanks to my French in-laws who kept my children.  Back in NYC, with  daily life of the mother of two (7 and 10 year olds) plus everything else that I do, prevents me from low-priority activities such as blogging :)

So here it is, the New York Times feature just came out today, a wonderful effort by one of the best journalists I had the privilege working with, Matthew Gurewitsch.  I really don't know how he managed to put this kind of thorough efforts, taking on such an esoteric artist like myself.  Matthew really is an artist himself, whose integrity I truly respect.  He asked so many good questions that also helped me define what I do, as "disseminating" and "publicizing" have never been my strong points.  He managed to explain correctly two very difficult and different areas of my creative activities accessibly to the public, one in Subharmonics and anther in interactive computer.

One thing he breezed through, which he stated in the article, that I have now Subharmonic Octave, Second, Third and the FIFTH.  It is this FIFTH that I have been working on and off for several years, for those of you who read my previous enigmatic posts about it probably knew :)  Yes, the elusive 5th is here.  Actually I also do have diminish 5th and 4th, as a deviation from the 5th, which is my latest of the latest, but didn't make it into the article :)  I am still curious if there is a FOURTH as it stands alone, not a deviation of the 5th; what I mean 'deviation', is that I slightly move my bow towards the fingerboard while I play Subharmonic Fifth, then I get these two: diminish 5th and perfect fourth.

Oh well, that is still to come.... :)  For those of you violinists who are trying my technique, try the fifth!  :)  It came very difficult to me but everyone's arm is different, and I suspect it comes quite easy for some of you.