Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day3: Improvisation, turns into a structure

I spoke too early. Husband didn't just 'give' me the BHV card. He had connected that to our account in La Poste, where I will be paid from IRCAM! Ha! So I cannot spend more that I earn. He wasn't resigned to the fact his Japanese wife can't help herself living near a department store. He has put a break to it saving our bank accounts! See I didn't marry this man for nothing.

Today I spent the morning in my studio practicing a bit, then went to IRCAM. I was just going to receive my 'magic' IRCAM card and my key, then basically see some faces and come right back. At IRCAM, all offices have clear window/door; there is little privacy. So when I found Nobert Schnell, one of my main hosts at IRCAM and started to chat, Nicolas Rasamimanana, a bright violinist/researcher, a former PhD student joined, then probably hearing my loud English Frédéric Bevilacqua, another main researcher joined. We were then hanging around talking casually, then we started to speak of when to have a planning meeting.

Then I realized this is dangerously close to what I have experienced in Japan; some people would schedule a meeting just to schedule the next meeting! We were all there, minus Bruno whom I saw, spoke to and worked with on the first day. I said to myself, "Well the team is HERE, aren't they" And this impromptu chatting became quite a serious strategy meeting on the spot, coming up with the immediate goals what has to be done and the timeline for the next week or two. People at IRCAM are so busy and one must grab any moment and person to get things done; I have been learning this in the matter of two days :) So this improvised meeting became a structural and organizational meeting on the spot.

I had forgotten to eat lunch so I grabbed a sandwich then passed by my first Paris Farmer's market in a nearby square. I just had to buy those little juicy French strawberries. Here they are, with a huge French breakfast coffee bowl I got, 2 for 7 euros (in this photo I put Kusmi Earl Gray tea). My hand was doing a relay between these strawberries and my mouth, a lot faster than Michael Phelps could swim!

In the evening I joined Norbert to go to one of the Agora festival concert, entitled "Emergence, Young Artists" at an enormous new art complex called Centquatre (you can click on the cool 3D map!) way up north in 10e arr. They say it was a centralized municipal funeral center since the 19c until the 70s! At the concert, there were two young composers whose work used ear-piece (click track?), then older piece by Scelsi "Pranam II" and a surprising Tristan Murail's electric guitar piece called "Vampyr!" performed by a very attractive electric guitarist named
Christelle Séry (I couldn't find one in English). This iPhone photo doesn't do her justice, but I think she is just about the only female electric guitarist I've seen who can do contemporary new music. And I enjoyed the piece enormously, AND her fashion as well as her playing; a true slick Parisienne. She was just "Trop Cool!" as my son would say :)

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