Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day9: B-flat!

My talk at IRCAM went well, I did say that I am not crazy about using an ear piece or headset during electronic music performance, but didn't forget to say "BUT THAT IS JUST ME" :) I have been seeing more people putting click-track headphone/ear pieces on performers, and had to speak out. For me, as a string player, it is quite disturbing to have binaural hearing semi compromised. And I don't like the fact that players have to meddle with microphone AND headset on stage. But THAT's JUST ME :) In my demo today, I ran a piece with automated score, while I 'play along' with the changing effects. If you have to somehow synchronize with electronics, how many senses does one have to dedicate? I think one (seeing the screen) is enough, no click track necessary.

After the 5-page fax to FedEx, my computer arrived at IRCAM, just as my talk finished using husband's computer. I'm typing today's post from my own computer, and also our first test is the "TF1 Direct", soccer match between South Africa and North Koreans. They are talking about Vuvuzela, that stadium horn that reaches 130dB!! And indeed it drowns out everything, and it is in B-Flat! A soccer match in B-Flat :)

The Sake I served (two bottles) after my talk went quite fast (about 15-16% alcohol). Here is me during and after the talk at IRCAM, with my heroic husband who fought courageously with French bureaucracy to get my computer back without paying taxes. He so deserved this bottle :) Then we went out for yet another Crêpe with 'my' team, so we decided to go easy on dinner at home with salad and these cherries. Well the crunchy-outside-fluffy-inside baguette couldn't have been ignored....

(IRCAM pictures taken by wonderful administrator Florence Quilliard, who has been taking wonderful care of me making me feel at home here)

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