Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day6: Old and new friends, no friend...

The first Saturday--kind of a gray day to start so I practiced. I'm preparing for Tuesday's presentation and Subharmonics are quite healthy :) I should not break a string so that I don't have to change it! The age of the string has a lot to do with it, and usually hard to produce them when they are new. But often I do have to put new strings. And I do have a trick and a solution :) More later on that...

Struggled a bit with "Max for LIVE with gesture follower" example, as I'm using my husband's computer and things got shifted around, but finally I solved it. Husband went to help his brother and manning his two nephews both 6 yrs old just like ours, then went back to Picardie to our kids who are with the grandparents. On Skype Mamine (grandmother) was quite upset that our kids were fighting. I am thinking that my worries are coming true. It will be a long and hard summer for the parents, and I might have to find a different solution.... maybe sending one back to NYC with husband in July... I hope not.

Not a big gastronomic day except I enjoyed a tarte au pomme my husband got, and we shared it for snack. I decided for the first time I will give my talk properly using Keynotes application. This is rather a formal occasion and I cannot just babble along like I usually do to college kids. I'm slow in doing this, and I will have to go back and forth between a few different software during the talk, but it does look nicer and organized... Time to grow up finally, I guess.

In the evening I went to a concert given by an old friend, percussionist Lê Quan Ninh, with a Japanese dancer named Moeno Wakamatsu, at Tenri Cultural Association French-Japanese. The dance was entitled "Crossing the Senzu River". Just her dancing very slowly almost like Noh, and Ninh playing one drum. He made so much variety of sound worlds that any electronic music I've heard using multi-million $ equipment makes them sound so simple and dull. What a guy. "Senzu River" is the Japanese or Buddhist version of River Styx. The performance started in pitch dark, in this small cave-like venue. It was very, very spooky and at times I felt like I was seeing my future crossing that river myself!!! Yikes!

I met Moeno after the performance and found that she just had a baby 1+1/2 months ago. I did perform in Sevilla/Granada in Spain when my daughter was 2 months old, but didn't contort my body folding it in two nor holding my body horizontally up for extended amount of time, which I cannot do it anyway, with or without having a baby. She is crazy! But very very well done. I also met Ninh's friends from other countries in the audience. Paris resembles NYC; people come from everywhere to be here, to be in art. I feel very at home. The photo below, is a sad and strange one. There is a man who sits just below my window all day long. He comes in the morning, and he leaves around 6PM, just like going to work. He eats there, but not reading nor doing anything else but just sits. Future Sartre? Or one of those poor men who cannot tell his family that he lost a job and spends all day elsewhere? I'm afraid I won't be his friend though.... It's the guy with blue shoes.

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