Saturday, March 5, 2011

Listening to Pictures

Right now, I'm involved intensely in several projects that are totally different.   One in particular is very different from my usual creative process.  It is an interactive graphics work, where I'm interacting with a short movie.  I started this project inspired by the complex and imaginative beauty of this visuals, created by my friend Ken Perlin at NYU.

I have worked in collaboration with the visuals in the past, but this particular one, seems to dictate the music.  I look at it, and each section or frame evoke sounds to me.  I am "listening" to the pictures.

Not much can be said at this point, and I will follow up later.

The new Subharmonics is still stalled at six out of seven notes I need.  One more note to go still, but it's still not coming.

Today is my father's 78th birthday.   His name is Ken-ichi Kimura, and he is a Professor Emeritus at Waseda University in Architecture.  He is the Japanese pioneer of Solar Energy.  If you go to his page I linked here, and see "Japanese Vernacular Houses with a focus to energy conserving technologies" you can see how Japanese old houses used natural energy to be ECO-friendly.   I grew up in a solar house, one of the first experimental house in Japan called "Kimura Solar House".   He studied at MIT where he married my mother who was at Radcliff at the time.  Both of them were on Fullbright Fellowship, and I have to say, that I know I was conceived in Boston!  :)

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