Friday, March 11, 2011

When life stops

As most of you know Japan suffered one of the biggest earthquake in history today.  I happened to wake up in the middle of the night in New York, and found someone posting on Facebook and tried to call my parents.  All phones and cellphones were out, but eventually my mother emailed me, and my family is all fine.  It turns out, internet was the lifeline.

After finding out my family's safety I tried to resume my work and life, practicing my Subharmonics again. I kept watching Japanese realtime internet TV and couldn't really focus.  But life goes on, but I am rethinking our family's preparedness; I should beef up our emergency kits....

I did practice almost 2 hours on Subharmonics, and got other work done.  It was relieving to know my parents were safe.  The disturbing thing about my last note, the one that I'm so struggling to get, is that there is almost no sign of it!  Others are getting better and better, and now I'm trying to artificially put a pressure on myself, to make sure I can produce them under any circumstances :)

Life goes on, work goes on.

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Hideto H. said...

We have 'yamato-damashiii',
"tsuyoki wo kujiki, yowaki wo tasukeru".