Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In Copenhagen and temporary home of my blog :)

Well, I just logged into the using Danish version of Google, and managed it :)  I'm here on a multi-media collaborative workshop project by NYC media artist Toni Dove.

I have been on hiatus yet again from my blog, but at the moment I have temporarily immigrated my blog to United States Artists, a NPO I was invited to join; it is an artists' advocacy for fund raising organization, connecting artists directly to the audience and philanthropists.  Next week, I'm self-producing a recital of violin and piano, with prime NYC pianist Stephen Gosling entitled "Hue for Two".  For the first time, raising my own funding.

Please visit my page at Hue for Two.  You can see my demo video there, as well as daily (I'm trying :) updates (click on "updates" below our picture/video).  Today I just posted a note about Debussy's violin sonata and a 1-cent clue on violin practicing :):)

If you like my temporary blog, I appreciate any pledge (you won't be charged unless I reach my goal) and now your every $ has a matching fund from USArtists!

The picture above is a copy of the first page of Debussy's sonata, which belonged to my last teacher at Juilliard, Joseph Fuchs.

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