Sunday, March 10, 2013

Flying with a LEGO bird

As I am about to fly to Japan this morning, leaving to the Newark airport in one hour, I have to write this.   I had the most bizarre and vivid dream :)


For some reason, I decided to pick up my son's little LEGO bird which looks like a seagull - white and gray with big wings, though small enough to fit on the palm of my hand -  which moved its wings big and fast enough to lift me up and fly.  I thought to myself, "Why don't I use this to fly to Japan, instead of flying on a United Airline plane?"   (in reality, I AM flying on United today, and had spoken to my mother in Japan who is picking me up at the airport)

So, I stood here in New York city, with a LEGO bird in my right hand; it started to move its wings lifting me up, up, up.   I started to fly pretty quickly and the strange thing is I must have fallen asleep inside my dream. The next thing I noticed, was a huge landscape below me, and for some reason, I saw that giant statue of JESUS in Brazil standing in the middle of some mountains below me.  I thought to myself, "I should take a photo of this!".  Then the weird thing, the LEGO bird had a camera embedded near its neck, and all I had to do was to push a little button to take a photo!  But we were flying very fast and moving away from the statue.  The next thing I saw was the huge ensemble of mountains, no doubt the Rocky Mountains.  (in reality I had marveled these mountains from the airplane about a week ago when I flew over on the way to California)

I took more picture thinking "I'd better have that statue AND the mountain together in the photo", so I did, but again I was moving too fast away.  Now I am in the coast of California, a big large ocean in front of me.  Suddenly the wind was getting strong and I thought to myself, well, maybe I should break to Japan and land someplace.  I picked a random hill and landed, found a dirt road.  There was some kind of a camp site, although it seemed more like a homeless and drunk people making camp fires.  I didn't feel quite comfortable there as it was getting to be in the mid afternoon.  For some reason, there was a kiosk, or a little shop which sold small things.  I asked where I was, (can't remember her answer now) and wanted to buy some extra AA batteries - oh yes, the LEGO bird is battery-powered so I wanted some extra just in case.  This occurred to me for the first time in the dream.

The shop keeper wouldn't sell me the batteries unless it's in a 7-pack for $7.99, (which is quite a good price) but I only wanted two batteries.  Although I demonstrated the homeless and drunks and the shop keeper, the little LEGO bird does fly me and I was telling the truth, that I flew there all the way from Manhattan, I started to get concerned where to spend the night...  Then magically, a long-time friend appeared, saying "Mari, what are you doing here!" (in real life, she is the daughter and the grand daughter of a family friend who lives in Montreal - I haven't seen her for quite a while.  I will call her 'A')  We hugged and I explained the situation.   I asked the shop keeper, if there is some decent camp ground around there, then she showed me on the map, that it was about 20 minutes walk from there.   While observing at our encounter, the shop keeper who wouldn't sell me two batteries, took a pity on me and called the camp site and talked to the lady there, who was a friend of hers, to expect me coming to the camp site.   It was very nice of her so I thanked her and started to walk with 'A',

We walked and reached what seemed to resemble some kind of mall or a station, where I could make a phone call.  Everyone at the previous place, including 'A', insisted that it is a really bad idea to fly over the Pacific Ocean with a LEGO bird.  It's too far, so I should fly north, but then there is Alaska, Bering Strait and all that - am I going to freeze to death?! (likely!)   So I took out my iPhone (yes I did have my cell in my pocket I suppose) and started to call United Airline, to see if they could switch my NYC <-> Tokyo flight to either San Francisco or Seattle -> Tokyo flight.  I thought I should do that before the departure time from NYC.   It took me several tries after having so much trouble connecting to the service representative.  Finally I reached someone whom I could barely hear, and the man on the line seem to think I was just confirming my flight to Tokyo, going ahead with, "All set, Ma'am, have a good flight!"  "No no!!  I need my flight switched..."  but he hang up.  I tried to dial again in hope to get someone, but with no success.

My mom is waiting in Tokyo, I obviously was missing my flight from NYC, and I am in the middle of somewhere between California and Seattle... that's when, THANKFULLY I woke up :)

The obvious analysis maybe that I was afraid of missing my plane, and we are switching to 'summer' time today.   And I am getting picked up in 45 minutes going to Newark....

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