Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pop the hood; an experiment

I cannot believe my last blog entry is July 2012... I have been quite busy with various projects, and while doing so possibly neglected to document or share the process.   I just came back from a Symposium held at U.C. Irvine, entitled "New Direction in Graduate Music Programs", organized by ICIT (Integrated Composition Improvisation and Technology program at UC Irvine).   There I had the fortune to perform with Jazz pianist Vijay Iyer and get to know his amazing projects, and his wonderfully socially-conscious thought processes.

In the previous post, I hinted about the 'announcement' I will be making; it is official now, that I will be inaugurating a summer program this year, which will be 'officially' announced to the press by the end of this month.  It is designed for performers of highest caliber who use/want to use interactive system to perform as well as compose.  So, a bit more patience :)

Not just because of the summer program, but I decided that it is time I must start to share and to include people witness my own creative processes, or to 'pop the hood' so to speak.  My interactive systems are very simple, but very user-specific.  I probably have one of the most useful ways to track the violin pitches, and to handle oneself on stage, that might be helpful to others.

I also decided to share more my compositional process in interactive works.   On Wednesday, April 10th, I have a performance at Roulette in Brooklyn.  The show is entitled "Poly-Monologue", premiering a work written for Kyoko Kitamura, a trilingual avant-garde and experimental singer (English, Japanese and French).   "Poly-Monologue" is an interactive audio/visual work, a part of the larger-scale work entitled "ONE" which I will premiere in June 2013 (more on that later).  The visuals of this work is done by Japanese movie maker and graphic artist, Tomoyuki Kato, who also created the visuals for my previous work "Eigenspace".  Both "Poly-Monologue" and "Eigenspace" are parts of "ONE", which just received a generous support from Commissioning USA grant.  At this very moment, I'm very much hard at work with "Poly-Monologue".

Aside for my own works, we just decided that I will be premiering a work written for me entitled "Shin Rin Yoku" (forest bathing) by American/Polish composer and painter, Michael Gatonska.    Both works will use interactive graphics and IRCAM's motion sensor, "Augmented Violin".

This Friday, Michael is coming over and we will have some composition, visuals and strategy-making session.  I will upload or even video tape some of our meetings to share what we will discuss. 

From now until the concert, I will try to document our creative processes to share with you; please mark your calender for April 10th at 8PM!

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